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With a degree in 新兴媒体, 资本 students are prepared to produce a wide range of online content. As a student, you will take a core of courses from 业务 to design to professional writing. It’s up to you to choose an area of emphasis – create your own individualized curriculum based on your interests and vision for your career.

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One of the fast-growing majors, 新兴媒体 allows students to meet the growing needs of employers through their own creative pursuits. The entertainment and information you consume everyday was designed, 写, and produced by professionals. 资本's 新兴媒体 degree gives students a broad range of study that includes classes from other disciplines, 媒体之外. As a student, you will begin with classes that focus on the basics of messaging. 从那里, you will then select a concentration in 公共关系, 市场营销, film and media production, 新闻, performance technology or digital design. The collaborative nature of the degree gives students a comprehensive perspective on how media comes together.

What can you do with a degree in this academic area?

  • 社交媒体经理
  • 内容创造者
  • 账户经理
  • 品牌经理
  • 平面设计师
  • 视频编辑器
  • 沟通 Specialists
  • 网站管理人员
  • Directors of Marketing and 沟通
  • 自由的创造者

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Possible Concentrations


On-campus Student Organizations

Experiential Learning

Students earning their 新兴媒体 degree are strongly encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities that will help them gain the skills and knowledge they’ll need to launch successful careers. These activities include teaching techniques and strategies like internships, undergraduate research projects, client-based immersion classes, and hands-on learning opportunities. With a campus located only minutes away from Columbus and faculty with industry connections, students are easily able to find an internship experiences to integrate the knowledge and skills gained through the program before graduation.


One of the first to focus on the digital convergence of historically distinct disciplines and to encourage exploration across a variety of media, an 新兴媒体 degree from 资本 is an exciting pathway to your future. Designed with input from professionals working in the media industry, the curriculum consists of a core set of courses that provide the necessary foundation of knowledge and skills. Learn how traditional media has converged into one seamless online environment and gain the skills to be able to create your own strategic content.


Students who want to excel as 新兴媒体 professionals need to know how a range of disciplines work together: film and video, 公共关系, 业务, 市场营销, 新闻, 平面设计, 和更多的. With over 90 student organizations on campus, there are unlimited opportunities to get involved and learn your craft outside of the traditional classroom setting. Pre-professional courses like CapTV, WXCU广播, or student organizations like Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and the Chimes newspaper welcome all students and offer professional experience in a safe environment.


  • 媒体的批评 & 分析
  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • 新兴媒体
  • Introduction to 业务
  • Writing in the Professions
  • Introduction to Public Relations
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